Imprelis Herbicide

DuPont Imprelis is an herbicide that provides selective broadleaf weed control in cool season and certain warm season turfgrasses. Imprelis is a soluble liquid that is mixed with water and applied as a spray.

Sale of this product has been banned by the EPA citing issue with the death of trees that have been sprayed with Imprelis. If you have used Imprelis on your lawn, please read on for facts about the product and the litigation surrounding it.

Facts about Imprelis:

  • DuPont has submitted to the EPA more than 7,000 reports of damage or death to such trees as Norway spruce and white pine, as well as test data confirming a link between Imprelis and tree damage.
  • On September 6, 2011, DuPont began a process to resolve claims for impact on trees that Imprelis herbicide may have caused.

Litigation News:

  • August 11, 2011, EPA ordered DuPont to stop selling the Imprelis herbicide.
  • Class action lawsuits have been filed over alleged Imprelis herbicide tree deaths in Michigan and Ohio, and it is likely that more state class action lawsuits will soon follow.
  • All federal lawsuits have now been consolidated for MDL proceedings in Pennsylvania.

If you have used Imprelis and have had tree deaths on that property, find out how Johnson//Becker PLLC can help you. Fill out our case review form here on our website and submit it for a free consultation.